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The family: Never for itself alone

Source:Manila Bulletin
Author : Dr. Jesus P. Estanislao
Date :Jul. 30, 2014   

 As basic and fundamental as the family is, it can never think of itself in isolation. It can never cut itself off from other families and from the other units that make up the broader community as a whole. Thus, although a basic unit, the family nonetheless
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Vietnam can teach us rice farming here

Source:Manila Bulletin
Author : Atty. Romeo Pefianco
Date :Jul. 30, 2014   

 Most coffee shops have resident analysts who can recommend full or partial solutions to our problems in farming and production in rice, garlic, and ginger.  Three veteran analysts in one Ermita café have practical recommendations worth a try NOW, not next month or next year.  The three recommend that young
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Commission on Population - Population Monitor
Population as of May 1, 2010
92,337,852 Source: National Statistics Office

The Projected Population* as of:
 *based on the 1.98 population     Percent Change
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